Top 10 Best Cycling Shoes for Women in 2019

Cycling is not just a man’s thing anymore; not in 2019. Many more women are realizing that cycling can be a very enjoyable sport or hobby. It’s becoming increasingly common to see ladies take an evening round in the streets sometimes alongside their loved ones or just alone. And that’s a good thing, but our job is to make sure your feet are equipped with the right cycling shoes while you are at it. Since we know that many women are new to this, we have taken the trouble of trying a large number of cycling shoes in the market for women. After the donkey work, we present to you the Top 10 Best Cycling Shoes for Women in 2019.

10. Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Mountain/Fitness SPD Biking Spin Shoe

Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Mountain/Fitness SPD Biking Spin Shoe can only be defined by one word-versatile. It is a cycling shoe but at the same time, it can be used for fitness training and needs for a spin as well. When you are cycling in a race every stroke of the pedal counts and Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Biking Shoe ensures that. That is why it has a fiberglass reinforced sole that gives your foot power than any competition out there cannot touch. This way you can ride much longer and expend the least energy. The upper hugs are made or synthetic leather designed for extra comfort during riding or fitness.

The upper material also has ventilation on the mesh to allow for breathability. These premium quality shoes are a careful blend of comfort and performance. They come in handy during biking, commuting, mountain cycling and spinning too. Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Mountain/Fitness SPD Biking Spin Shoe also has Velcro straps which have low profile hooks. When fastened they give custom fit and enhance comfort and security during the ride.


  • Synthetic leather – comfortable
  • Versatile for mountain biking, fitness, and commuting
  • Efficient power transmission


  • Not durable

9. Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite RD IV Cycling Shoe

Pearl Izumi is making some pretty strides in this industry. We have already seen a number of cycling shoes from the same manufacturer but Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite RD IV Cycling Shoe is different in its own way. It’s a pair that is designed for those with a smaller budget. It’s not leather but is made of a high-grade synthetic material of good quality. The sole is also made of synthetic material. Once fitted, Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite RD IV Cycling Shoe does not have uncomfortable seams and hotspots. Those are eliminated by the design of the upper which is fully bonded. The shoe features a bi-directional closure system; this allows you to somewhat custom fit the shoes because you can gather equally from both sides of the foot.

Additionally, this ensures comfortable foot retention. Together with these is an integrated lace guide. This enables the upper of the shoe to have a low profile which ensures even distribution of pressure. The Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite RD IV Cycling Shoe also has a direct vent technology which gives excellent cooling and drainage. The shoe has a concave shaped interior to give it a low stack height. It also has super anatomic support, thanks to the stiff plate as well as longitudinal arch support. This gives power and efficiency to the foot during cycling.


  • Has a replaceable heel bumper
  • Provides longitudinal arch support
  • Even foot retention
  • Good pressure distribution


  • Not SPD compatible

8. Pearl iZUMi Women’s W X-Road Fuel IV Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZUMi is keen to make sure a woman looks good even when they are cycling. This is what informs the design of Pearl iZUMi Women’s W X-Road Fuel IV Cycling Shoe. For great stability during pedaling it comes with a X_Road nylon plate. This is also made to give efficiency and power to the foot when cycling. The construction of the upper part is complex; it composes of 65% Rubber, 33% Textile and 2% Steel Ring. This makes the upper strong and durable. The sole rubber takes the lead at 68%, 20% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, 10% Nylon Plastic and 2% Steel. The shoe has a low construction to give it stability.

The mesh is breathable to allow for air flow to enable the foot comfort. When washed, the shoe dries very fast. Drivetrain interference is taken care of by a built-in lace garage. The outsole gives the shoes superior traction and durability because it is lugged. The forefoot is flexible so you can use it as a running shoe. It is also SPD compatible. The built-in lace storage is one of the unique features of the shoe. It cannot cause incidents by getting caught in the chain. And of course, it comes in a pink color, allowing you to embrace your femininity as you cycle.


  • Rubber sole gives traction
  • Mesh is breathable for ventilation
  • Nylon plate gives foot-power
  • Dries quickly


  • Sizes can be confusing

7. Pearl iZUMi Women’s W All-Road v4 Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZUMi Women’s W All-Road v4 Cycling Shoe is a masterpiece that every woman who is serious about cycling must have. It has a strong rubber sole. This is made to last so once you get this pair you are not making another purchase anytime soon. The rubber insole is carefully designed to provide arch support, both longitudinal and transverse. The upper part of the shoe is bonded into a seamless finish. This gives incredible comfort to the feet even if you were to cycle all day. This cycling shoe is SPD compatible. Pearl iZUMi Women’s W All-Road v4 Cycling Shoe also has what is called an anatomic 3-strap closure system.

This relieves pressure on your feet and ensures that there are no hot spots of discomfort on the foot. The shoe is also very good for those who take the need for spin classes. When off the road or on an off-bike adventure, the lugged rubber outsole gives traction to the shoes. The shoe is a lightweight and when put on, one almost doesn’t feel like there is anything on the feet. It has a nylon composite power plate to ensure stiffness too.


  • Are comfortable for a spin
  • SPD compatible
  • SPD can be retracted so you can use it as regular shoes


  • You have to buy separate SPDs

6. Pearl Izumi Women’s W X-ALP Seek VII Cycling Shoe

Let’s face it; Pearl Izumi is making several appearances on this list. Well, it’s not by chance. If customer reviews are anything to go these products are some of the best in the industry. The Pearl Izumi Women’s W X-ALP Seek VII Cycling Shoe is fashionable both for cycling and walking. This one is made for the ladies with a low construction, which gives it a fast fit and a nice and very easy feel. Cycling is all about foot power and to facilitate this, the shoe has a composite plate of nylon injected with fiber to make it strong.

To provide off the bike cushioning, the midsole is made of Ethylene vinyl acetate. This also confers power to the foot while it is on the bike. Pearl Izumi Women’s W X-ALP Seek VII Cycling Shoe’s outsole is one of the strongest in the industry, made from carbon-infused rubber; it has superior traction and is made to endure time.


  • Functional for both riding and walking
  • Has a shank injected with fiberglass to transmit power
  • Superior traction


  • Synthetic sole

5. Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly V Carbon Cycling Shoe

Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly V Carbon Cycling Shoe is yet another quality pair of cycling shoes from Pearl. It is made from synthetic textile and has a strong rubber sole. Rubber soles are good because they last. The shoes are designed with a smooth concave shape. This is supposed to suit ultra-low stack height- 7mm. It also provides anatomic support that contours along the shape of the leg. Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly V Carbon Cycling Shoe also features one of the best arches supports that shoes could provide. Both longitudinally and transversely, the arch support for the feet is taken care of.

This arch support is not just instrumental for comfort but it also gives power to the feet and enhances efficiency. Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly V Carbon Cycling Shoe comes with a replaceable heel bumper. So when it wears out, you do not have to worry about it. It also comes with a dual density insole made of ethylene vinyl acetate for extra comfort. It has an anatomic PRO1:1 power plate. This grade of power plate is designed to give the shoe ultra-light stiffness. It also gives a direct vent for cooling.


  • Replaceable heel bumper
  • Anatomic tri closure for comfort
  • Concave shaping
  • Cleats holes perfectly placed


  • Not for mountain biking

4. Louis Garneau Multi RX Cycling Shoe – Women’s

Here is to the 21st-century woman-Louis Garneau Multi RX Cycling Shoe, a premium cycling shoe for those with a passion for cycling. Apart from cycling, the shoes are also suitable for paths and the gym workouts. The outsole is specially designed to allow the cleats to recede within so that you can use your favorite cycling shoes just like any other regular shoes. The Louis Garneau Multi RX Cycling Shoe is made from synthetic leather of good quality. It is a bit old school in the sense that it is still is a lace-up shoes. But the manufacturer is alive to the cycling needs and the possible incidents.

This is why 2 Velcro strap is included mid-foot so you can strap it over the laces. This way the laces stay away from the chains of the bike avoiding incidents. The outer sole is made of durable rubber and has an ergo grip. For free air flow to the feet, the shoes have nylon mesh ventilation. The Louis Garneau Multi RX Cycling Shoe is also compatible with SPD cleats. You can lock your shoes into the bike pedals and go for mountain biking without hassle. Also featured is an HRS-80 retention system.


  • Outsole has ergo grip
  • Nylon mesh ventilation
  • 2 Velcro strap fasteners
  • SPD compatible


  • Cleats have to be bought separately

3. Giro Whynd Women’s Road Cycling Shoes

Giro Whynd Women’s Road Cycling Shoes are sort of the old type of shoes in that they still have a lace-up system, although, a Velcro strap is also included. Designed to be exceptionally comfortable and adjustable, these shoes are one some of the most sought after. The upper material is a mesh of microfiber-which gives the shoes durability and strength. The sole is made of high-grade rubber which is super strong as well. The foot-bed is comfortable with an insole that is molded from ethylene vinyl acetate. This is not only soft but also provides arch support for the foot. For the closure system, you have laces and a loop strap made of Velcro.

The strapping is conveniently placed at the mid-foot so you can strap it over the laces. This way you keep the laces safely out of the way of your bike’s chain, avoiding accidents. The sole features “walking surfaces” which provides it with a grip that is necessary on floored surfaces. Giro Whynd Women’s Road Cycling Shoes also has a cleat capability of 2 bolts. This allows you to lock in your favorite pedals and go racing like the professional do it.


  • Suitable for workout and spin
  • Made of leather with rubber sole
  • Comfortable footbed with arch support


  • Lace-up may be inconvenient to some

2. Gavin Road Cycling Shoe Shimano SPD or Look Compatible

Gavin Road Cycling Shoe Shimano is a road giant at any rate. The kind of comfort it brings to the feet is second to no other. For an unbeatable price, Gavin Road Cycling Shoe Shimano offers a shoe that is totally inspired by racing. It is soft and smooth inside thanks to the synthetic leather (very supple). It is also of breathable material, to enable the feet to feel nice and comfortable. Cycling is about performance, and Gavin Road Cycling Shoe Shimano understands that. It allows the user to custom fit it by using the 3 straps. Fine tune them to your comfortable fit and get maximum performance from your shoes.

Gavin Road Cycling Shoe Shimano wants the users to be faster and stronger while racing; this inspires the design of the nylon-fiberglass sole. Thanks to it, every stroke of the foot pedal yields a massive power transfer. To stabilize the heel, Gavin Road Cycling Shoe has molded heel cups which fit nicely on the ankle. The heel tabs consists of reflective material that ensures your safety when night falls. These Gavin Road Cycling Shoes are compatible with a number or SPD cleats- SPD, SPD-R, and SPD-SL.

Best Cycling Shoes for Women

Best Cycling Shoes for Women


  • Supple synthetic leather interior
  • Molded heel cup
  • Reinforced nylon-fiberglass sole for power
  • Compatible with SPD, SPD-R and SPD-SL cleats


  • Synthetic
  • Shimano Women’s SH-RP2W Road Shoes

1. The Shimano Women’s SH-RP2W Road Shoes

Here it to the beginners and all you amateurs in the game who need cycling shoes that will take care of your needs. The Shimano Women’s SH-RP2W Road Shoe is a true lightweight for ladies with no unnecessary extra weight. Also recommended for indoor and outdoor training, the shoes are quite multi-purpose. The upper hugs concists of synthetic leather. This is inclusive of a ventilated mesh for enhancing air flow to allow the feet cool with ease.

The sole is a lightweight product of reinforced fiberglass. This gives the rider a direct foot-to-pedal connection. The benefit of this is an increased power output and efficient transmission of the same. The triple straps used for fastening Shimano Women’s SH-RP2W Road Shoes are woman specific and eliminate pressure points on the foot by creating an even pressure distribution.

Best Cycling Shoes for Women

Best Cycling Shoes for Women


  • Stretch resistant upper hugs
  • The upper material is supple and soft
  • Woman-specific narrow heel up
  • Asymmetrical straps for even distribution of pressure


  • No turquoise


There you have the latest in the market of cycling shoes! We have labored to let you know all that you need to. When you finally get to decide what kind of cycling shoes to buy, remember to check the strength of the material, comfort, and most importantly cleat compatibility. Did I forget to mention color? Of course yes, you have to look beautiful and stylish even when cycling, right?

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