Top 10 Best iPhone 6s Extended Battery Reviews in 2020

To iPhone lovers, there are time when you spend the whole day outside the house and your phone battery just dies while you haven’t got back home. There is a best way to solve this problem, all you need is an extended battery with you. With this extra power bank, you will be able to keep your iPhone alive for the whole day without worrying that the battery will die and you cannot use your phone to contact. The list of top 10 best iPhone extended battery below will show you the top choice of power bank for your phone.

10. Apple MFi Lepow PIE Series Portable External Battery

Feeling uncomfortable when your iPhone died because you are still on the way home or somewhere? Get this Lepow PIE for your mobile battery now since it is the most convenient way to have extra battery power.

With detachable magnets, this external battery will detach gently without much force needed, yet sturdy enough to keep the two pieces together easily. Also, with its short cable which allows for less hassle and awkward long cables, you don’t even need to bring a bag since the PIE is pocketable. With the right size, material and weight, it does not bother the functionally of the phone at all which is absolutely comfortable for you to hold and bring along with.

10. Apple MFi Lepow PIE Series Portable External Battery10. Apple MFi Lepow PIE Series Portable External Battery


9. DX-6 Plus iPhone Charger Battery Case

What does it feel like to see your phone battery died while you are enjoying chatting with your friends online? No matter where you are, this iPhone Charger Battery Case will always be with you to keep your phone alive.

Featuring a classic bumper design, the installation of the DX-6 Plus is quick and easy. Just remove the bumper, slide the phone in, and put the bumper back, your will get your phone upgraded to be more powerful, more elegant, and more secure than ever before just in 2 seconds. This DX-6 Plus is fully loaded with advanced technology making it the most reliable battery case ever made which is the perfect choice for you.

9. DX-6 Plus iPhone Charger Battery Case9. DX-6 Plus iPhone Charger Battery Case


8. JOTO iPhone Battery Case

Looking for the lightweight extra battery charger that can increase the life expectancy of the phone battery which allows you to charge no matter where you go? This JOTO iPhone Battery Case is right here for you.

The JOTO iPhone Battery Case provides your iPhone with premium protection against the wear and tear of everyday living while it is still small enough to fit easily in your hand or in your pocket. With its lightweight and simplest bumper design, the JOTO does an outstanding job to power and protect your iPhone while still keeps its minimal form factor. This powerful battery case can be more than just double the usage time on your iPhone, it has fully functional set of features including LED power level indicators so that you can check the power remaining anytime easily.

8. JOTO iPhone Battery Case8. JOTO iPhone Battery Case


7. Rhidon iPhone Battery Case

How good it is to have a high capacity rechargeable lithium battery that can charge your iPhone at anytime, anywhere since you always travel to somewhere far that has no charging socket available. This Rhidon iPhone Battery Case is luxury, elegant, and portable which is great for you.

Design for iPhone to make your mobile special, this battery case’s original polymer lithium battery which extend. With the creative design, you can enjoying using your phone while charging without removing the power case at all. Also, with the high class material, your phone will be protected and charged at the same time.

7. Rhidon iPhone Battery Case7. Rhidon iPhone Battery Case


6. Alpatronix iPhone Battery Case

Love to spend the entire day outside the house with your full battery iPhone? Grab this Alpatronix iPhone Battery Case now since it provides perfect extra battery life to your iPhone the whole day or even more.

This Alpatronix iPhone Battery Case is designed to improve the performance and battery life of your iPhone since it is built for the avid iPhone user and extensive use. With its slim, lightweight, and compact design, this battery case is portable which is easy to bring along with for traveling, work, trip, and so on.

6. Alpatronix iPhone Battery Case6. Alpatronix iPhone Battery Case


5. MoKo iPhone Extended Battery Charging Case

No one wants to bring the heavy power bank along with them on their long trip. That is why the MoKo iPhone Extended Batter Charging Case designed the very light battery extended which will fit just right in your hand.

This battery case is absolutely convenient for you since it allows you to easily slide your phone in, snap on the bumper, and press the power button to charge. Also, it is light and compact which is easy to carry around or put in the pocket which is great for taking with during your trip or vacation comfortably.

5. MoKo iPhone Extended Battery Charging Case5. MoKo iPhone Extended Battery Charging Case


4. Alpatronix BX150Plus iPhone Battery Case

What is your definition of best battery case? This Alpatronix BX150Plus will provide you the answer and quality of the most incredible extra battery you will ever get.

This Charging Case is designed to protect and enhance the performance and battery life of your iPhone. Also, it is built for the avid iPhone user and extensive use as well which is excellent for traveling, working, or camping. Since it is made of rugged material that can withstand a good amount of impact and shock perfectly for you.

4. Alpatronix BX150Plus iPhone Battery Case4. Alpatronix BX150Plus iPhone Battery Case


3. Nekteck iPhone Battery Case

Hate using bulky extra charger since it is too heavy and big to bring along with your phone? This Nekteck iPhone Battery Case will be your iPhone’s best buddy and your most take-with device for your mobile battery.

Nekteck iPhone Battery Case allows you to fully access to touchscreen, camera, buttons, and ports while charging your iPhone without any problems. Also, it is certified by Apple MFi which means each case comes with smart circuit protection and compatibility ensures for 100% in the future. Most importantly, the battery case can be used safely without any possibility of exploding.

3. Nekteck iPhone Battery Case3. Nekteck iPhone Battery Case


2. Stamina iPhone Battery Case

Need power protection on the road or during your busy day? Stamina battery use series is equipped with enough power to give you that extra daily boost that you need.

Being the certified battery case with smart technology that keeps your iPhone powered while you’re on the go, this battery recharging case can save and prolong your battery life perfectly. It is designed with smooth finish sturdy design which available in 3 colors that are ready to activate your phone and keep it safe from harm.

2. Stamina iPhone Battery Case2. Stamina iPhone Battery Case


1.XCOMM iPhone Extra Battery

Want to use your phone while charging but afraid that it will explode like you saw on the news? This XCOMM iPhone Extra Battery is the best quality power bank that assure your safety perfectly.

With the impact protection, this battery case is designed with the polycarbonate shell with raised edges that can protect your phone again bumps and drops perfectly while its deluxe matte ensures the secure grip of your phone. If you like traveling to farther places, then you know well what it is like for a phone to go dead in the middle of nowhere. Get this battery case and keep your iPhone alive.

1.XCOMM iPhone Extra Battery1.XCOMM iPhone Extra Battery


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